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First view

Murma Top

spinning men


street in Murma

Murma surroundings

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Rara Lake Trek - Western Nepal trekking


Rara Lake trek

Two trekkers walking down from the hill on the Gam Ghadi side of Rara Lake during their trek in Spring 2007



Example of a trekking Itinerary from Jumla to Rara and back

Day 1- Kathmandu to Nepalgunj: Flight.

Day 2- Nepalgunj to Jumla: Flight.

Day 3 - Trek from Jumla to Danphe Lagna (3130m).

Day 4- Hiking from Danphe Lagna to Chahutha (3183m).
Day 5- Trek from Chahutha to Dhotu (2380m).

Day 06: Trekking Dhotu to Rara Lake (3060m).

Day 7 and day 8- Exploring the surroundings of Rara Lake.

Day 9- Trek from Rara to Gorosingha (3190m).

Day 10- Hiking from Gorosingha to Sinja (2440m).

Day 11- Trekking from Sinja to Jaljala Chaur (3270m).

Day 12 - Jaljala Chaur to Jumla (2370m).

Day 13- Jumla to Nepalgunj and Kathmandu: Two flights.


sunrise at Rara lake
Sunrise at Rara lake - picture taken near Dafi hotel, Rara Snow-capped mountains reflecting in the surface of the lake
Early morning fog House near Talcha
Early morning fog Nepali house in village between Gam  Ghadi and Talcha airport, Mugu district



Some more photos

 First view | Murma Top | Donkeys | Girl in Murma Village | women processing rice harvest  | snowy mountains | mirror 1 Snow-capped mountains & green hills + lake | mirror 2 | more Rara clouds |  East side |




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